Treld Pelkey Bicknell is a London-based American artist with a huge range of experience, and interests across many fields. She took her first degree in Fine Art in New York in the 1960s and ~ after a long career in teaching and publishing ~ completed an MA in Drawing As Process in London in 2007.

Her work is eclectic; full of variety and experimentation ~ the style often dictated by the subject itself. "As I get older, I am more and more intrigued  by those things which influenced and shaped my notions of the world ~  especially the landscapes of my native New England. Memory plays a crucial role in everything I do..."

Materials are also important. "I work with a wide range of materials and techniques, both old and new: inks, watercolour, wax, salt, graphite and organic material ~ along with metallic leafs and paints ~ on papers of all kinds, from handmade rag and delicate oriental washi to sturdy brown wrapping paper. I work in 2-D and, increasingly, in high-relief collages ~ a kind of sculptural 2 1/2-D"