ARThouse Exhibition & Open Studios 2013
1st June - 27th July 2013.
Riverside Gallery, Richmond.
Figs exhibited alongside other ARThouse exhibitors.
21st June - 30th July 2013.
The Studio, Twickenham.
Open studio exhibition with artist Jennifer Wenman.


Fields of Vision: Landscapes Past & Present
28th January - 15th April 2012.
Orleans House Gallery, Riverside, Twickenham.
The Chinese Scroll exhibited amongst other local artists.


Structures: Sunflowers & Steam Engines
1st - 13th March 2011.
The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court.
Exhibition devoted entirely to Treld's work.


Richmond ARThouse Open Studios 2009
26th June - 5th July 2009.
The Studio, Twickenham.
Exhibited with designer Poppaea Bicknell.


Margharita Lodge Presents Four Artists
Karen Iredale Lucas, Treld Pelkey Bicknell,
Helen McConnell & Pat McConnell Hunt.


Friends of St Matthias Art Fair 2008
St Matthias Church, Richmond.
Paintings and ceramics by leading local artists.


MENCAP Auction
Richmond Bridge (from The Bridges Series)
Auctioned in aid of MENCAP.


This Precious Earth Network Show 2008
31st July - 28th September 2008.
The Stables Gallery, Orleans House, Twickenham.


Richmond ARThouse Open Studios 2008
20th - 29th June 2008.
Exhibited with artists Marcela Montoya and Charlotte Mensforth, and designer Poppaea Bicknell.

Arthouse 2013 Fields of Vision Structures Mencap Network Show